Company Info

A mid-sized, full-service design firm, based in the heart of the Kansas City metro, RMTA provides design services throughout the United States in the fields of architecture, interiors, master planning and environmental graphics, with an emphasis on client relationships. 


Founded February 1, 1990, by Steve Rees and Matt Masilionis in Kansas City, Missouri. Our firm’s current ‘blend’ of work includes design service areas of commercial and industrial buildings and development, healthcare, hospitality, corporate office and interiors and retail.

Our firm provides design services throughout the United States in the fields of Architecture, Retail, Interior and Graphic Design with an emphasis on providing high “touch” design services to our clients who desire strong design, project leadership and understanding a clear project vision. Over 80% of our work per year comes from clients with which we have already completed projects. We believe it is a testament to listening to, and understanding our client’s vision that allow us to provide unique, inspiring and sustainable spaces that best meet their goals.

RMTA provides design services for numerous financial, legal, healthcare, retail, industrial, telecommunications, professional and commercial real estate clients in the Kansas City region and throughout the United States. The firm is licensed in 37 States including the District of Columbia.


Range of Experience

The RMTA team is affiliated with numerous professional organizations, licensed in 35 states and Washington D.C., and has completed projects in more than 860 cities in the United States.


Notable Clients

Large and small we’ve worked with them all.